This is probably to avoid over-powering grenades and rocket launchers (as most of them are designed to have limited ammo). I'm level 14, current city Sanctuary. Let’s go! read description.? Today we are going to be talking about five awesome borderlands 2 glitches that still work in 2020. ... Get Second Winds with rocket launchers. At the cost of two ammo pers shot, it fires a large rocket which fires smaller rockets as it goes. Answer Save. 8 years ago. My most frustrating task so far has been finding Rocket Launcher Ammo. david. share | improve this question ... To add to this answer, grenades and rocket launcher ammo are an exception - only the player who picked them up gets them. On pc? In summary, on the latest patches, the glitch cannot reduce ammo consumption by more than one, and other entities using Vladof rocket launchers can unset the effect. I have decided to post my frequently asked questions here when I can't find answers. After you reach the city of Sanctuary , you will be able visit Crazy Earl (square on the map) and buy upgrades to ammo capacity, weapons, grenades, and inventory and bank capacity. ! 2 years ago. Shop for Where Can I Buy Rocket Ammo In Borderlands 2 And Utas Semi Auto Shotgun Ads Immediately . ... * Sniper Ammo Max * Rocket Ammo * Rocket Ammo Max * Grenades * Grenades Max Current Weapon * Ammo * Magazine Size * Total Ammo * Weapon Damage * … 4 Answers. I got this game for Christmas and im Level 13 but i can't buy any Rocket Launcher ammo, i have already unlocked Sanctuary and i have been down to Marcus (own's the gunshop) and he also dosen't sell it, im up to getting Roland from the W4R - D3N so i serously need this ammo, please help!!! You first need to to find/buy a rocket launcher. Favorite Answer. 2 … Or buy it at any ammo dump. #5: Shield Glitch This glitch involves you getting nigh-infinite shields and bad guys getting the shaft. borderlands-2. On this page of the game guide to Borderlands 2 you will find information about gaining upgrades, which can allow you to carry more ammo for your weapons. You could get a trainer that has an unlimited ammo … My favorite end-of-the-world game is Borderlands 2 for Xbox. ". The first Borderlands was awesome and this second version has exceeded my expectations. Relevance. Where do I get rocket launcher ammo in Borderlands 2? ... Ammo Eater Absorb enemy ammo with an Absorption shield. For Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is there absolutely 100% no way to regenerate Rocket ammo in the field? Cheat table for Borderlands - Game of The Year Edition 3 different scripts works while game is reading player stats for displaying. It should come with twelve rounds. Free shipping and returns on 1 - Reading bullets inside current weapons mazagine. Borderlands 2, Rocket Launcher ammo!!!! For this glitch you are going to need two things: Gaige Gaige’s buck-up skill Once you have both of […] In Borderlands 2, the way to increase your Badass Rank is to complete skill challenges. Update 2: While the AGDQ 2014 co-op speed-run demonstrates this being done as non-host, I was unable to perform this glitch as non-host on patch 1.8.3.