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Dope Grillz custom grillz are made from real high-quality silver and gold, but should not be used for the replacement of natural teeth or broken fillings. display: block; Silver Grillz and diamond teeth have become popular as a common accessory for big hip-hop stars. } 18K Gold Iced out and Solid Grillz, Single, Double Tooth, and Sets. Made from safe materials, nickel-free gold plating, brass metal. } One closed fang and one open face tooth. var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); flex: 1 !important; if (window.navigator.sendBeacon(endpointUrl, blobData)) { window.BOOMR.snippetMethod = wasFallback ? From shop BlingCartel. var setCookieIfConversion = function(token) { }; Currency = window.Currency || {}; payload: payload, 'trackForm', } Jan 9, 2021 - Explore Bling Cartel, Inc.'s board "Grillz", followed by 416 people on Pinterest. opacity: 1; return; text-align: center; View Details. iframeLoader(true); if (link.relList && iframe.src = "about:blank"; Includes a storage case and a silicone molding piece. display: block !important; Double Left Top Fang Silver Tone. Custom Gold Grillz is proud to offer you the highest quality of gold teeth at a fraction of the cost. Your selected delivery location is beyond seller's shipping coverage for this item. } One closed fang and one open face tooth. app_name: "storefront", margin-top: 1em; .swatch_options { trekkie.factory = function(method) { font-size: 1em; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(eventsListenerScript); window.ShopifyAnalytics.meta = window.ShopifyAnalytics.meta || {}; Easy instructions are included to mold your double tooth cap in a matter of minutes. var x = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; Silver 8 Tooth Top Teeth Fang Grillz. parent = parent || doc.body; } Material: Metal Metals Type: Copper Includes: Silicone Molding Bar, Grillz Our grillz are lead and nickel free. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. script.onerror = function(e) { ResourceTiming: { Onwon 2 Pieces 14K Plated Gold Grillz Hip Hop Top Tooth Single Grill Cap for Teeth Mouth, TSANLY 24K Gold Plated Grillz Bottom Vampire Fangs Grill Hip Hop Teeth Caps + Extra Molding Bars + Microfiber Cloth, HuiYouHui 2 Pieces 14K Plated Gold Grillz Mouth Teeth, Hip Hop Teeth Plain , Top Tooth Single Grill Cap for Teeth Mouth, Party Accessories Teeth Grills (Color : Gold), Lingduan 18K Gold Plated Single Top Tooth Grill Cap Gold Plated Small Single Tooth Cap Grillz Hip Hop Teeth Plain Solid Bling Slugs, TSANLY Gold Grillz Mouth Teeth 24K Plated Gold Custom Fit Top & Bottom Set Caps Grillz for Women Gift + Extra Molding Bars + Microfiber Cloth, 24K Plated Gold Grillz for Men and Women | Mouth Top Bottom Hip Hop Teeth Grills | + 2 Extra Molding Bars + 1 Microfiber Cloth, Instant Smile Comfort Fit Flex - Natural Shade - Upper Veneer Cosmetic Teeth, Instant Smile Complete Your Smile Temporary Tooth Replacement Kit - Replace a missing tooth in minutes - Patented, HQ Temporary Tattoos Sheet - Face, Waist, & Leg Tats - 16 Total - Costume / Cosplay. Shopify.cdnHost = "cdn.shopify.com"; first.parentNode.insertBefore(script, first); } window.BOOMR.url = return Monorail.sendRequest("https://" + monorailDomain + "/v1/produce", JSON.stringify(event)); #dynamic-checkout-cart { eventsListenerScript.src = "//cdn.shopify.com/shopifycloud/shopify/assets/shop_events_listener-68ba3f1321f00bf07cb78a03841621079812265e950cdccade3463749ea2705e.js"; These grillz … if (!window.addEventListener && window.attachEvent && navigator.userAgent.match(/MSIE [67]./)) { isIos12: function isIos12() { window.ShopifyPay = window.ShopifyPay || {}; if (window.BOOMR && (window.BOOMR.version || window.BOOMR.snippetExecuted)) { {"shopId":48988651676,"countryCode":"US","currencyCode":"USD","merchantCapabilities":["supports3DS"],"merchantId":"gid:\/\/shopify\/Shop\/48988651676","merchantName":"Grillz.com","requiredBillingContactFields":["postalAddress","email","phone"],"requiredShippingContactFields":["postalAddress","email","phone"],"shippingType":"shipping","supportedNetworks":["visa","masterCard","amex","discover","jcb","elo"],"total":{"type":"pending","label":"Grillz.com","amount":"1.00"}} } Shopify.theme.handle = "null"; script.src = window.BOOMR.url; }; border: none; 925 solid silver custom teeth fangs. window.BOOMR.application = "storefront-renderer"; $12.97. 925 Sterling Silver Custom Fang Grillz Set Double Fangs Caps Vampire Teeth Optional Back Bar Bridge BlingCartel. document.cookie = 'loggedConversion=' + token + '; expires=' + twoMonthsFromNow; View Details. Please choose a different delivery location or purchase from another seller. Gold Over 925 Silver CZ Gap Single Grillz. } } .shopify-payment-button__button--unbranded { One closed fang and one open face tooth. Options include extended fangs, deep cut (perm look), real diamonds, cubic zirconia, gemstones, cutouts (open face), diamond cuts and diamond dust. display: none; Number 9. From shop BlingCartel. trackedResourceTypes: ["script", "img", "css"] return document.cookie.indexOf('loggedConversion=' + token) !== -1; var win = window; win.attachEvent("onload", win._boomrl); Currency.money_format_no_currency = "${{amount}}"; if (trekkie.integrations) { var LOADER_TIMEOUT = 3000; .shopify-payment-button__more-options:hover:not([disabled]) { trackedResourceTypes: ["script", "img", "css"] cursor: pointer; Fang Grillz. if(href && href.indexOf('/checkout') >= 0) { jquery('body').append(content); We will notify you when this product becomes available! Double Cap Open Fang Grillz $19.99 USD $25.99 USD Double Cap Open Fang Grillz. link.relList.supports("preload") && window.BOOMR_onload = (e && e.timeStamp) || new Date().getTime(); match[1]: undefined; } {"Trekkie":{"appName":"storefront","development":false,"defaultAttributes":{"shopId":48988651676,"isMerchantRequest":null,"themeId":112437854364,"themeCityHash":"17714468197755208247","contentLanguage":"en","currency":"USD"},"isServerSideCookieWritingEnabled":true,"isPixelGateEnabled":true},"Performance":{"navigationTimingApiMeasurementsEnabled":true,"navigationTimingApiMeasurementsSampleRate":1},"Google Analytics":{"trackingId":"UA-177175217-1","domain":"auto","siteSpeedSampleRate":"10","enhancedEcommerce":true,"doubleClick":true,"includeSearch":true},"Facebook Pixel":{"pixelIds":["292836994697394"],"agent":"plshopify1.2","conversionsAPIEnabled":true},"Google Gtag Pixel":{"conversionId":"AW-849839105","eventLabels":[{"type":"page_view","action_label":"AW-849839105\/WMspCInRzdEBEIGInpUD"},{"type":"purchase","action_label":"AW-849839105\/At0QCIzRzdEBEIGInpUD"},{"type":"view_item","action_label":"AW-849839105\/P_FMCI_RzdEBEIGInpUD"},{"type":"add_to_cart","action_label":"AW-849839105\/Jim5CJLRzdEBEIGInpUD"},{"type":"begin_checkout","action_label":"AW-849839105\/4HHgCJXRzdEBEIGInpUD"},{"type":"search","action_label":"AW-849839105\/6UR8CJjRzdEBEIGInpUD"},{"type":"add_payment_info","action_label":"AW-849839105\/CT_1CJvRzdEBEIGInpUD"}],"targetCountry":"US"},"Session Attribution":{}}