Non Profit Services

Non Profit Services

Nonprofit organizations have their own distinguishing characteristics. Resources are often limited and restricted to charitable purposes.

The Bookkeeping Services firm provides our clients with access to tax and accounting professionals who are experienced with and understand a nonprofit’s complex and sensitive reporting requirements, including government compliance filings.

We’ve had years of experience in dealing with accounting matters related to nonprofit organizations.

Our non-profit accounting services include:

  • Form 990 and 990-T preparation
  • State and local tax filings
  • Form 1023 and 1024 preparation
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Compilation, reviews, and audits
  • Accounting services
  • Financial services
  • Foreign investor consulting services

Our not-for-profit clients receive very personal service. We take time to thoroughly understand your enterprise, to make certain that you get the attention and most appropriate advice that you and your mission deserve.

When you operate a non-profit organization, you don’t have time to worry over your accounting. Let us handle it instead.Spend your time doing what you do best – running your nonprofit and raising money for your cause.

Leave the accounting concerns to us. We are skilled at establishing and maintaining your non-profit organization’s tax-exempt status, and in handling all the IRS reporting for you.

What our non-profit accounting services offer you:

  • Our team has experience working with non-profit (not-for-profit) organizations, and providing accounting and auditing services for them.
  • Our CPAs are experienced at examining and understanding the accounting details of your type of organization.
  • Our hands-on approach ensures that your non-profit bookkeeping delivers value to your entity and supports your cause.

We have experience working with charitable organizations, trade and professional associations, private and charter schools, cooperatives, volunteer health and welfare organizations, churches, and private clubs.

We are happy to provide you with any of our accounting services related to nonprofit organizations. If you need help, contact us at (561) 123-1234.