With the proliferation of digital technology, successful businesses are increasingly defined by how effective they can be at leveraging data to drive business decisions. The NUS MBA Specialisation in Finance focuses on the concerns of the financial industry in recent years, covering topics such as international financial management, private equity and venture capital pricing, portfolio management, wealth management, and valuation modelling. A Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) from a top school of business is worth it, now more than ever. – Management of Healthcare Organisations Pelamar … Digital business models have brought about countless disruptions to established businesses. Finance; Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NEW!) Gain global knowledge & exposure. Thus the students can tentatively select BT4101 projects; but the condition "CAP of 4.00 or higher after completing at least 70% (112 MCs) of the MC requirement for the degree programme" must be satisfied before they can commence BT4101. Some background info: I was from JC, had no programming experience prior to joining NUS, and I don’t stay on campus. Those who wish to read two specialisations may use Unrestricted Elective Modules to freely complete a second specialisation within the BBA programme. The modules in this Specialization are oriented to understanding the consulting industry and best practices in consulting as well as the development of the fundamental knowledge necessary to operate as a consultant in today’s business environment. It seeks to provide current and future real estate leaders and decision makers with state-of-the-art knowledge in real estate, management and leadership. Please check your inbox for the confirmation email. History. What is the curriculum like at NUS Business? To facilitate a career transition to consulting, the NUS MBA offers the Consulting Specialization. Students in their third and fourth years of study may choose elective modules from three lists of either functional or methodological or technological elective modules. Updated 17 July 2019 . The NUS MBA Specialisation in Strategy & Organisation focuses on high-level behavioural and strategic issues facing businesses today. – Occupational Health Practice Holistic & immersive. Offered by University of Pennsylvania. By taking this specialization, students will become conversant with artificial intelligence, block-chain and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, machine learning and big data. There are various accommodations made available to students. with a major in Statistics (specialisation in Data Science) [160 MCs] B.Sc. They will not be required to read IS2101 Business and Technical Communication in the Core modules requirement. This is to expose students to the different areas of study so that they can make a better choice when choosing their specialisation. Business Economics (NEW!) ... the following specialisations also offer early admission at the time of application to selected disciplines in NUS Engineering: ... Business Analytics~ minor; Data Engineering minor new! Based on the responses received from recently graduated MSBA students, 92.3% of them were employed within 3 months after graduation and 100% of them found jobs within 6 months of graduation. Offered by IBM. (Hons.) Business Analytics is the perfect degree for anyone interested in Statistics, Business, Computing, and of course, using data to create change. Posted by 7 months ago. – Healthcare Operations & Performance, – Public Health and Aging The NUS MBA imparts a broad knowledge of core management areas while allowing you to acquire industry-specific expertise. DDP students whose home faculty is Business will be required to do a specialisation if they withdraw from the DDP and return to the single degree programme in Business. 2020 Best Master’s of Business Analytics Programs Posted on January 27, 2020 May 25, 2020 by TFE Times Posted in Rankings Tagged 2017 , 2018 , Analytics , best , buine , chool , mater , of , program , rankings , s , schools , top The Business Analytics (BA) Specialisation is designed to develop BBA graduates to be analytics enablers who can identify business opportunities and make better-informed decisions by championing business analytics initiatives in their organisations. The remaining 16 MCs in ULR are replaced by the 3 USP Inquiry Modules and 1 USP Foundation module ( i.e. This specialisation is created to help students apply the best of real estate and business practices in an Asian context. The NUS MBA specialization in Analytics & Operations is exactly designed to equip students to become such managers. Feel free to ask about the course, advice before uni starts etc, or can even PM me if you want more personalised advice without doxxing yourself publicly. Data inhabits the clouds-nesting economy, where being nimble and innovative are prerequisites for chasing actionable intelligence. The Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) degree programme is an inter-disciplinary undergraduate degree programme offered by the School of Computing with participation from the Business School, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. of Information System and Analytics, IS3103 Information Systems Leadership and Communication, BT2010 Business Analytics Immersion Programme, BT4010 Business Analytics Internship Programme, BT4011 Business Analytics Capstone Industry Project. The programme equips current healthcare administrators with up-to-date knowledge and relevant management skills to face new healthcare challenges, such as increasing organisational effectiveness, improving cost control and maximising resource allocations. Our Business Analytics programme offers two specialisations to give students the opportunity to build expertise for key job domains: Gain the technical skills to pursue niche jobs in Investment, Banking, Finance, Trading, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Fund Management. The module provides all BBA students with a common statistical grounding for Business Analytics, upon which specialisation may be built depending on each student’s chosen field. Importantly, the specialization focuses on how to manage and lead businesses given these changes in the business environment. Methodological elective modules include those related to big data techniques, statistics, text mining, data mining, social network analysis, econometrics, forecasting, operations research, etc. List A (Business Applications): DBA3712 Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management IE3120 Manufacturing Logistics IS3240 Digtial Platform Strategy and Architecture BT4013 Analytics for Capital Market Trading and InvestmentBT4016 Risk Analytics for Financial ServicesBT4211 Data-Driven Marketing BT4212 Search Engine Optimization and Analytics DBA4811 Analytical Tools for Consulting IS4241 Social Media Network AnalysisIS4250 IT-enabled Healthcare SolutioningMKT4812 Marketing Analytics, List B (Analytics Methods): CS3244 Machine LearningIE2110 Operations Research I6 or DBA3701 Introduction To OptimisationDBA3803 Predictive Analytics in Business ST3131 Regression Analysis 6aBSE4711 Econometrics for Business II BT4012 Fraud AnalyticsBT4015 Geospatial AnalyticsBT4221 Big Data Techniques and Technologies BT4222 Mining Web Data for Business Insights BT4240 Machine Learning for Predictive Data AnalyticsIS4241 Social Media Network Analysis IE4210 Operations Research IIST4245 Statistical Methods for FinanceList C: Technology Implementation:IS3221 Enterprise Resource Planning SystemsIS3261 Mobile Apps Development for EnterpriseBT4014 Analytics Driven Design of Adaptive SystemsIS4228 Information Technologies in Financial ServicesIS4302 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, To be awarded the Financial Analytics Specialisation, students must satisfy the followings: Compulsory modules (do all 3 modules): • BT4013 Analytics for Capital Market Trading and Investment • BT4016 Risk Analytics for Financial Services • IS4228 Information Technologies in Financial Services, Elective modules (select any 3 modules): • BT4012 Fraud Analytics • BT4221 Big Data Techniques and Technologies • BT4222 Mining Web Data for Business Insights  • IS4234 Quality Control and Audit of IS • IS4302 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, To be awarded the Marketing Analytics Specialisation, students must satisfy the followings: Compulsory modules (do all 3 modules): • BT4211 Data-Driven Marketing • BT4212 Search Engine Optimization and Analytics • BT4222 Mining Web Data for Business Insights, Elective modules (select any 3 modules): • BT4014 Analytics Driven Design of Adaptive Systems • BT4015 Geospatial Analytics • BT4221 Big Data Techniques and Technologies • IS3240 Digtial Platform Strategy and Architecture• IS4241 Social Media Network Analysis, Notes: 1 : Students can refer to: http://www.nus.edu.sg/registrar/gem/home for the requirements for University Level Requirements.. 2 : Students who have done EC1101E Introduction to Economic Analysis can use it to replace EC1301. In an increasingly competitive environment, the marketing department plays a crucial role in helping a company grow its revenue and achieve sustained long-term profitability. The NUS MBA offers the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Specialisation to help students acquire skills needed for success in entrepreneurship and to become familiar with the entrepreneurial process whether from the start-up or the funding perspective. Our BA Specialisation goes much beyond being a tools-based concentration suitable for the technically-inclined NUS students. Overview. – Real Estate Economics Hello! To keep the specialisation current and relevant, keen attention will be paid to the shifting business landscape that forms the backdrop to leadership, for instance, trends on human resource (HR) big data analytics, controversial new organisational structures, and the impact of technology and globalization. ... Year 2 (Penultimate) Year 3 (Final Year / Penultimate) Year 4 (Final Year) Events. Our MSc students, past and current, will share some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of their experience of studying in Singapore and at NUS Business School. They will read GER1000 Quantitative Reasoning (4 MCs) as compulsory module for the University Level Requirements (ULR). Inspired to explore an interdisciplinary education? – Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Note 1: It is not compulsory for DDP students to do a specialisation for the BBA degree. – Measuring & Managing Quality of Care. Core Healthcare Management modules (4 MCs each), Healthcare Management electives (4 MCs each), Real Estate electives (4MCs unless otherwise stated), Applied Security Analysis & Valuation Workshop, Digital Currencies, Blockchains, and the Financial Services Industry, Financial Statement Analysis & Value Investing, Technological Disruptions in Finance and Data Analytics, Term Structure and Interest Rates Derivatives, Corporate Entrepreneurship & Business Model, Consulting: Process, Industry & Innovation, Digitization for Business Model Innovation, Global Operation Strategy in the Digital Economy, Corporate Entrepreneurship & Business Model Evaluation, Operations Leadership: Supply Chain & Service Profit Management, Digitisation for Business Model Innovation, Micro-National Champions in the Digital Economy. With the aim to cultivate entrepreneurial skills, and engage in opportunities involving start-ups, accelerators and incubators, you are given the tools and concepts to not only develop ground breaking technologies and ideas, but also gain valuable insights in the community of entrepreneurs. Gathering the best of both worlds, the modules in the specialisation are led by an expert panel of faculty and industry veterans. NUS Business School was established in 2002, although its history dates back to 1961, when Business Administration was first taught as a subject in the Department of Economics in NUS. – Real Estate Investment Trusts & Property Funds 5 of 6 modules must be at level-4000. count … This specialisation equips you with strategic management skills to prepare you for success in both the regional and international financial arenas. In Year 1, you will do the core modules for the various specialisations. Will there be job opportunities for MBA graduates? How should one design career and job search strategies during these unprecedented times? Our colleagues from BIZCareers will also share more about what you can expect as a NUS Business School student. The Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) degree programme is an inter-disciplinary undergraduate degree programme offered by the School of Computing with participation from the Business School, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. In sum, these elective modules span the most exciting and challenging areas of business analytics practice in the industry today. The NUS Business School will be introducing three degree specialisations - business analytics, business economics, and innovation and entrepreneurship, and the … – Spatial Information System (SIS) for Urban Planning The NUS MBA specialization in Analytics & Operations is exactly designed to equip students to become such managers. The Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) degree programme is an inter-disciplinary undergraduate degree programme offered by the School of Computing with participation from the Business School, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Functional elective modules span business functions or sectors of marketing, retailing, logistics, healthcare, etc. This is a four-year direct honours programme which offers a common two-year broad-based inter-disciplinary curriculum where all students will read modules in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Decision Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems. – Nutrition & Health Overview of Business Analytics course at NUS, i.e., National University Of Singapore with upcoming application deadlines, average profile of admits, tuition fee, average salary and course duration. Maximise your personal & professional growth with our unique dual-core MBA, Gain international exposure - global exchange programmes, study trips, internships, GNAM, more. (5) Business Analytics (6) Business Economics (7) Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I’m currently a year 2 business analytics student. Globally recognised. Today, the data footprint is ever expanding and career success hinges on agile, analytical skill sets and mindsets. To further disclaim, the opinions that I have for NUS Masters in Business Analytics may not be the most accurate but I have the inclination that the courses in SMU did helped me propel my career. I feel that business analytics is much more than just purely coding, to do well you will need to know your statistics concepts well. Costs – NUS is cheaper (not too much) Plus any 3 other Business Analytics Elective Specialisation modules The business analytics specialisation program introduced by Wharton University of Pennsylvania gives you an introduction to big data analytics for all business professionals. Beasiswa S1 di National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapura. – Health Economics & Financing – Control of Communicable Diseases The first course provides a business-oriented summary of technologies and basic concepts in AI. This intelligent mix of world-leading academic and industry experts ensures that you encounter the best of both theoretical and practical knowledge. This specialization will explain and describe the overall focus areas for business leaders considering AI-based solutions for business challenges. 4 : Taught by the Centre for English Language Communication.5 :  For students taking Second Major in Statistics, they can replace ST2334 with ST2131 to meet first major requirement. Strong Asian focus. Are MBA degrees still relevant in the post-COVID world? The digitalisation of business is advancing at a very fast pace. with a Major in Statistics [120 MCs] B.Sc. Students in the University Scholars Programme (USP) who choose the Bachelor of Science (Business Analytics) Co-operative Education programme will do so with the following variations: BT1101 Introduction to Business Analytics, IS1103/X IS Innovations in Organisations and Society orIS1103 Ethics in Computing, MA1311 Matrix Algebra, or MA1101R Linear Algebra I3, MA1521 Calculus for Computing, or MA1102R Calculus3, IS2101 Business and Technical Communication4, BT3102 Computational Methods for Business Analytics, BT3103 Application Systems Development for Business Analytics. An MBA in marketing will give you the chance to explore jobs in a wide variety of sectors including FMCG, consumer durables, and services, and information technology. It is replaced by USP Foundation module of Writing and Critical Thinking. – Medical & Humanitarian Emergencies The business analytics (BA) curriculum is designed to prepare our Bachelor of Business (BA) graduates for impactful careers in the area of business analytics consulting. Find out if and how COVID-19 has changed learning in the classroom. You would receive a certificate of specialisation when you successfully complete all the requirements of the specialisation. As well, a sizable number of MBA students aspire to have a career in consulting.

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